Our Fees

We have no upfront or set up costs. When your tenant/tenants move in, we deduct our monthly management commission, tenant finder fee and inventory then transfer the balance to the landlord, along with a detailed statement.

Management Commission and Tenant Finder Fee

Our monthly Management Commission is 10%+VAT=12% per month of the gross monthly management figure (minimum £50 (plus VAT) per month). We charge £250+VAT every time a new tenant is found, which is inclusive of market appraisal, photographing and listing of property, tenant referencing, lease creation and check in/check out.

Photographic Inventory

This details the condition of your property at the beginning of the tenancy and is used against the deposit as the onus is on the landlord to prove condition at the start of tenancy. Each inventory contains over 100 photos and is signed, dated and timed by the tenant. The standard cost of inventory is £80+VAT=£96, but can vary slightly depending on size of property.

Check Out Report

We carry out a Check Out Report upon the tenant vacating the property which is used to compare and contrast any discrepancies between the condition of the property at Check In. This is used for the deposit reclamation and cost is £50+VAT=£60.